ELFIA 2016


Mesdames et Messieurs,
Ladys and Gentlemen,
Boys and Bots,
Girls and Ghouls,

we would like to thank you all for joining our litte Voodoo-Circus-Cabaret at ELFIA-Festival 2016.
It was such a great pleasure for us to see so many crazy people in those colorful dressings out there dancing and singing along to our tunes. Amazing. Thank you.

Our great thankfulness goes out to the ELFIA-Festival and those who made it happen as well. Thank you for inviting us there. We hope that you got just what you expected or a little more.

We travelled so many miles to get there (and back again). We travelled through rain and night and even beneath a rainbow we drove.

But once we got there, what we saw and experienced was just stunning:

So many different kinds of people all celebrating together.

Such a nice crew fulfilling every need of us artists.

People who took (s)ELFIS with us.

People who stood in a circle in front of the stage and sang the very popular old Irish traditional „Jameson“ with us – that we actually had to write ourselves as somehow the Irish missed to do that so far.

All the Pirates that our song „Soul-eating Pirates from outer space came to my home and drank all my beer“ has always been written for but we just found out about that this very weekend.

We are so grateful.

If you people liked our show, please feel free to contact us and also give response to the Makers of ELFIA. You wanna see us play again? – That’s the way YOU can make it happen.

If you have any Foto-Material that you are posing make sure that you link us.


The Instant Voodoo Kit

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2 Responses to ELFIA 2016

  1. Mees.P says:

    You guys combined my two favourite things: German songs and nice music.

    You guys made a fan for life,


    Mees Porschen

    The Netherlands

    • thanni says:

      Thank You!… or we kids from 2016 always say: I like!
      We hope to come back to Netherlands soon.

      Best regards


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